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 Saree Hewlett

APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physio and Pilates Practitioner.

 Core Fusion has been around since 2009 helping thousands of clients get back to living the way they want to - not just the way their body allows them to! 

Our aim to to have an impact on the way you move, function and manage your pain and to give you hope and guidance to improve when you may feel you have tried everything

Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates /Rehabilitation

After seeing clients in pain who kept coming back with the same issue, and never improving long term, I knew something had to change. Getting people improvement in their pain or condition is easy. Getting long term results takes so much more than just a quick fix.

Our aim is every client that comes to us for our clinical services will gain an understanding of exactly what their issue is and what need to happen to get the long term results they are after. We give our clients the know how and the  tools to make that happen.

Many of our clients have come to us as a last resort as they have had no benefit or improvement from others - and we can make the magic happen.

We explain things to them about what's going on with their bodies that they weren't aware of and had no knowledge of - and if you don't know what to fix, how to fix it or what to do - how do you even hope to get better?

Group Fitness Services

Our Pilates instructors are all internationally trained - having completed months of rigorous training to hold the highest qualifications out there.

We keep our classes small so you get more personal attention, and we don't just throw you into standard classes - we start with an introduction package that gives you the grounding you need to know how to move, how to breathe and how to switch on your core, You learn how to do the exercises correctly and where you should feel it working.

Our team really are the best in the business. You will FEEL the  Core Fusion difference!


Meet Our Physio's

All our physio's have completed their initial degree, and extensive post graduate education. they all have many years of private practise experience to draw on making them the experts in their field who definitely know their stuff, and that shows.

Saree Hewlett

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Sarah Gregson

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Meet Our Pilates Instructors.

My method for living a more peaceful life is simple and easy to follow. It combines everything you need to align the body and the mind for total balance.

Lori Reid

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Anna Collie

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Erin Carver

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Amanda Sayers

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Karen Thompson

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Elaine Leask

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Alicia Holmes

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