Clinical Pilates / Clinical Rehabilitation

We have a dedicated studio area for Clinical Pilates full of balanced body Pilates equipment including trap tables, reformers, wunda chairs and barrels for use to use to help you move more effectively and to help isolate and re train areas.

The video explains a little of what Clinical Pilates actually is about and how it works or check out  what it can help at the button below.

What Clinical Pilates Can Help
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What is Clinical Pilates?


Good question! For us - it means you are under the care of a physio who has fully assessed your needs. Where you are now and where you want to be, and what needs to happen to get you there.I

We take into account what you may need to move, strengthen, stretch, release in your body, PLUS whatever help you require from us such as manual hands on techniques such as release or mobilisations, and blend that together in a targeted strategic plan to get you moving and using your body ASAP.

With our pro active approach - you gain movement and strength with us, and are shown how to repeat it and do it at home so you get those long term results.

We are also constantly changing and adapting what you do so you continue to progress.


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group of adults doing a pilates reformer class being guided by a Pilates Instructor through arms in straps and the pilates hundreds exercise.

Who is Clinical Pilates for?


Anyone who wants to improve their body!

Whether you have pain from an aute injury, or chornic pain that/s been there for years - we can help.

If you're an athlete that wants to gain a few seconds on your performance time, or just excel at what you do and be more efficient and effective - we can help.

If you feel like you're just not moving well and feel old and stiff and stuck - we can help.

If you just want to feel alive again and feel tall instead of hunched over with poor / weak posture - we can help.


Do you suffer from...

  • ongoing pain
  • recurring injury or pain
  • do you get treatment but the problem still returns

Do you have ongoing pain or an injury that just doesn't resolve - or maybe you have a recent injury that you want to ensure a speedy recovery from - then clinical pilates is the answer! Our aim is to find out what is BEHIND your problem and treat the underlying cause so that you get LASTING RESULTS and also have the TOOLS TO SELF MANAGE.

So, what does all that  mean exactly?


Our bodies are like  well oiled and complex machines - instead of nuts and bolts we have joints, tendons and muscles and all the tiny complex systems that allow us to move and function effectively. In the case of an obvious injury we know we have done some damage - maybe we went over on an ankle or twisted lifting a large box - but we know at the time that "something" went and we go seek help.


So what happens when we dont know what has caused our issues?

  • Maybe we just "woke up with the problem".
  • Maybe by the end of the day we get sore but are ok if we rest .
  • Maybe if we walk /sit  longer than 30 minutes we have a problem.
  • Maybe we just cant exercise anymore "cos it hurts " but we dont know why


All of these issue indicate something is not right - our bodies need a tune up  - this is where clinical pilates comes in.


If you are in pain or have an issue - why just fix the symptom? SOMETHING has caused it - why not address that cause and FIX IT!


In our process of assessment we will ask what happened / how long have you had the pain or problem/ what makes it worse or better - how often you get it etc. this gives us information on what kind of issue may be going on. For example if you get pain at the end of the day or after sitting - you may have a "loading" problem where the body is compressing down and fatiguing under constant load - a bit like wearing out your shock absorbers.


From there we need to look at what's actually going on in your body - do you move well - are the joints stiff, muscles free and flexibile, do you have any restrictions or areas lacking control - ie do some muscles work hard and others do not much. - this is where imbalances can cause pain or lead to biomechanical tension - ie - your alignment is "off'"

We then will advise the best way forward for you!


That may initially be treatment in the traditional sense or it may be with exercise to help re-align, strengthen and address any muscle issues. This may be in the studio or via a home program or a combo of the two.


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Not sure what you need or whether we can help you?

Just get in contact! We're happy to have  a chat over the phone  and see whether we can help you. We know if you've been around the traps before and had no results its hard to try something and someone new. We've been in business since 2009 so we know our stuff, and been doing it far longer before then.

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