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Pilates for Sports Performance Physio led Mat Classes start Monday 19th July for 10 weeks.


Protect yourself against injury, recover more quickly, train more  efficiently and perform more effectively.


Take your body to the next level with our

Pilates for Sports Performance Classes

Learn how to use your core strength to gain more efficiency, better alignment and control and in turn improve your performance.

Moving more effectively and efficiently will not only give you a competitive edge, but also help prevent against injury and help you recover and reset more easily.

Whether you do competitive elite sports, or you sport for fun and fitness - whatever your sport ability or level - this is for you.

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10 of weeks Sports Specific Training, covering strength, endurance, core work, flexibility, optimum muscle use, biomechanics alignment and recovery!


Whether you're an elite athlete who trains daily, or a weekend sports enthusiast, principle of training and recovery are the same.

The demands of sports and exercise place stresses and strains on your body, and this program will help you move more efficiently and effectively so you use less energy doing what you love and can perform at a higher level.

Learn how to correct poor form so your movement improves.

Learn how to use the right muscles so you train more effectively and fatigue less.

Recover more quickly as we teach you the tools you need to do so.

Whether you're a runner, cyclist, triathlete, team sporter or you do sports for a hobby and to stay active and fit - this program has got you covered.


10 weeks starts Monday 19th July at 5.30pm

Taught by Sarah McLachlan - Senior Physio and elite competitive cyclist


To ensure you get the attention and training you need this program is limited to just 10 participants. To secure your spot register at the link below -


$250 for your 10 week pass.


Add on an optional Sports Injury Screen/ Injury Prevention Assessment when you book - and get the most out of this program and focus on the right areas for you ( health rebates apply)


 email us [email protected] or fill out the contact form at the end of the page with your availability to book your assessment.

The first 5 paid in full bookings will will qualify for an early bird appointment rate (save $50 on  a full hour Assessment Injury Prevention Consult - Value $175)

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Increase agility and efficiency


Correct biomechanics mean less injuries


Stretch out and lengthen tight tissues

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