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Stop wasting time on workouts that don’t work and try our highly acclaimed On Line Pilates Studio.

Specifically designed for the older body and those who want to move under the guidance of a qualified physio. 

Originally set up for our in house clients to allow them to continue to improve and practise at home. It proved so popular we've released it openly online!

Improve your core strength, flexibility and movement guided by a physio.

Move with confidence in the knowledge you're been taught and guided by a physio with over 28 years of experience. Know you'll have access to expert knowledge and teaching so your body is in safe hands.

No pre requisite - Come as you are. No judgement, no need to dress in matching items - just you, a mat, some water and your device.

Don't keep putting it off because you think you need to be fitter, stronger, lighter, more toned, or you have nothing to wear...

Take the chance. Take a deep breath and a leap of faith. Do something for you.

We're here for the older body - we know you move differently to the 20 year olds - but you can still move - so lets get started on you feeling like you again.

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