Group Reformer and Mat Classes 

We have a dedicated reformer  room and a separate Mat/ barre area so you get to do Pilates in it's many forms, offering you variety and choice so you are always inspired and no two classes are the same.

New To Us?

Get started with one of our Fundamentals package - a two week package of 3 - 7 classes. Check out our studio and see what you enjoy and whether we're a good fit!

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Mat / Floor Classes

We have a dedicate floor space for Mat Pilates  or Floor Work. This typically is harder than reformer work as you use your own body weight as resistance and have little support.

Our Classes include Mat Pilates, barre, Pilates stick, stretch and cardio. 

We may use small props such as hand weights, foam rollers or magic circles (pilates ring).

Your own Mat is a mandatory requirement as is your own stretch/ resistance band - we can no longer share these with covid restrictions.

Any equipment used must be properly wiped down after use.

group of adults doing a pilates reformer class being guided by a Pilates Instructor through arms in straps and the pilates hundreds exercise.

Reformer Pilates

Our group reformer classes are intensely popular. the springs, pulleys and straps allow us to work your body whilst giving it heaps of support for beginners or when isolating a muscle - or we can really challenge and work you intensely!

it's a  great place to start your Pilates journey!.

To access our reformer classes you need to first do our fundamentals class to ensure safe use, and then complete some beginner classes to learn not only how to do the exercises well but where to feel it - so you get results .

Remember there are hundreds of exercises and variations so you will never get bored!

Introductory Offers for New Group Pilates Clients

New to us? We've created a super low priced offer for you to try our studio and see if we're a good fir - why

We offer three different options for you - each contain a compulsory Fundamentals Class Attendance, Mat/ Floor Class(es) and Beginner Reformer Class(es).

What to choose?

The packages are valid for two weeks. Our recommendation if picking one that suits your needs.

Each give you a sample of what we do - if you want to sample all our classes go for option 3 and try them all!

Not Sure you'll make it to class every week?

Pick the one that most suits your choice of how often you want to attend - option #2 for twice a week, option 3 for 3 x a week.

Please note when you purchase you' will need to create an account with our studio - it will take you to our Mindbody Studio Page

T+ C's - classes are not transferable and can't be exchanged. Packages are valid for 2 weeks from first attendance and cannot be placed on hold or extended.

Intro Offer #1


Valid for 2 Weeks

  • Compulsory Fundamentals Class
  • x 1 Mat/ Floor Class
  • x 1 Beginners Reformer Class

Intro Offer #2


Most Popular - Valid for 2 Weeks

  • Compulsory Fundamentals Class
  • x 2 Mat/ Floor Classes
  • x 2 Beginner Reformer Classes

Intro Offer #3


Valid for 2 Weeks

  • Compulsory Fundamentals Class
  • x 3 Mat/ Floor Classes
  • x 3 Beginners Reformer Classes

Not Sure What You'll Like or Enjoy?

That's exactly why we do our Fundamentals Package. It's in introduction package to the studio at a great price so you can try us and our classes on for size. A great way to try before you commit.

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