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Pilates Instructor, Mat, Reformer and Barre

My name is Lori Reid and I come from a corporate background in Sales and Marketing.  Over the years I tried many different fitness methods and hated them all – Pilates had always interested me, but although I tried it at the gym and bought the at home DVD’s I never really felt I was getting much out of it.

After driving past Core Fusion for about 18 months I finally stopped in to see what it’s all about – Pilates.  I started taking part in both Mat Pilates and Xtend Barre classes as a client and found that I was quickly hooked.  I had finally found a form of exercise that kept me interested, challenged me and getting off the couch to come to class was a breeze!  I could feel the difference in my body within a very short time – I was conscious of my posture, felt taller, always left class on a high and for the first time in a very long time I could see muscle definition (not bulk!).

I truly believe that Pilates offers benefits for everyone, particularly in today’s modern lifestyle where sedentary activities are at the core of our day to day life – sitting at a computer, in front of a television or in a car for hours a day is a fact of life for most people.  The effect this has on our posture, our mobility, our general wellbeing goes unnoticed by most people – ever wondered what that pinching between your shoulder blades is, or why your lower back aches when you sit for too long?

I came to a point in my life where I needed to find some balance between my family, my career and my health…time for a career change.  I took leap of faith and did my Polestar Mat Pilates training and the Xtend Barre Instructors course – wow what a challenge I was getting myself into but I haven’t looked back!

Seeing the progress that clients are making from their first class when they say “I can’t do that!” to the sense of achievement when they do it is extremely fulfilling.  No, Pilates is not frantic movement, but if you are working properly you will sweat, you will be challenged and you will reach milestones of achievement that most other forms of group fitness class don’t offer you – you will amaze yourself!  And if you want something a little more frantic, we can give you that too!!

Saree and the “Core Fusion family” have given me an enormous amount of support throughout my training and I am extremely grateful.  Coming to work is a joy and something I now look forward to – how many people miss work when they have time off…I do!

I have found my passion in the world of Pilates, I hope you can too!

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