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Learn how to support your back, reduce pain, improve your posture, tone up, strengthen your body, look great and feel full of energy  


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We're taking the guess work out of it - you get to benefit from our 28 years of experience and don't have to worry if you're doing the right thing - we'll show you what you need to do, how you need to do it and when!

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We start Monday 23rd Aug - 8 weeks to a stronger & improved you.

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8 week online program  | Starts Monday 23rd Aug 2021


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Online Core Baseline Test

start with getting your own baseline with our 2 basic self tests for you to do at home

8 weeks Online Programming

get direction and follow our step ny step programming via web and app access

Core Strength and Stability

build your core strength and stability as we build your core from the ground up

Learn what your core is, where to find it, how to activate it and how to properly strengthen it! 

We're taking the guess work out of it - so you don't have to worry if you're doing the right thing - we'll show you what you need to do, how you need to do it and when!

Taught by a physio who is an expert in core work with over 25 years experience. Your step by step guide to what you need to know and do.

Easy to follow with our video and email content and BRAND NEW for this round - Get the exercise program direct to your phone via our app so you can do them when and where you want and the info is right there for you!


Core Strength needs to come from the deep inner layers out!

There's a multitude of reasons that you may want a strong core...

- to help reduce back pain getting support around your spine

- for posture building up your core for strength and stability in general - toning up and getting a flatter stomach

-to get back in trim after inactivity or after losing weight

-boost your confidence and stand tall

Or maybe you're a personal trainer who wants to enhance your skills with pure core training from the ground up and learn new skills .

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 Strong Body, Strong You

 Our Physio led programme ensures you are guided by an expert in getting people strong cores safely by doing it right! We'll ensure you know what to look out for and know what your core is!

The program will have a strong Pilates slant to it so you know you are not only doing the exercises well but you have great format that is the most effective for core strength behind you

 Perfect for you if...

  • you want to strengthen your core but don't know where to start
  • you've heard it would be good for you but need expert guidance 
  • you want to build up your core strength first before going back to other activities
  • you want a strong core but lack time to get to a studio
  • you want to work in the privacy of your own home
  • you want to ensure your work is effective and you get it right


  Core Strength Program Contents:


⭐ What exactly is your Core and is it working⭐

⭐ Test your own core strength and stability - baseline⭐

⭐ How to activate your core and ensure its working well⭐

⭐ How to strengthen your core  the correct way from the foundations out⭐

⭐ What to work on that gives you the flat stomach that IS core strength⭐

⭐Work your strength  components that allow you to have mobility and strength⭐

⭐Key exercises that get you working straight away without load and strain⭐

⭐Build functional core strength work that helps you in day to day activities⭐

⭐ Posture correction and core activation⭐

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Get Your Core On and start feeling strong from the inside out!

Check our our sample video below on core work... am I using my core or hip flexors?

get started right now - and grow taller, leaner stronger and more confident!

Delivered online via email, video and audio support

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Follow our program and you WILL feel a massive difference in your body and core strength

We are going to re build your strength from the ground up - core strength is not about being able to plank for 5 mins - bracing and holding is NOT core strength. 

Core strength is about being able to support your body and then moving around with ease.... and enjoying the benefits that that brings such as less back pain, a better posture, moving more easily and freely and looking more toned.

We've revamped how we normally work with you IN STUDIO to allow more people to access our techniques in the comfort of your home, and in your time, minus the cost of seeing us in person.

Benefit from nearly 30 years of knowledge, and get the right training at the right time in the right order....once you know what it means and how to work your core you can then layer on top whatever training and exercise you want to do - but you need to have the right groundwork first.

This is where most go wrong - they skip the important stuff because they don't know what they should be doing.

Even so called professionals don't know the right steps to take and miss out important steps in the process. 

We've got all the steps covered do you have everything taught to you the right way from day 1.

Want a stronger core that you can feel and understand HOW to maintain and improve it even further - then sign up now.

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Terms and Conditions

Complete work at home program - participants are responsible to check with their health professional before participating.