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Certified Polestar Pilates Mat Instructor

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Pilates Instructor, Mat.

Since being  a little girl I've always loved being and staying active. I always enjoyed challenging myself I could never sit still.

I did ballet lessons at first and still a love of mine going to or watching the ballet, flow flexibility tone, strength and movement,

Then a keen horse rider/owner from 5 to 20yrs old I was in the prince Phillip cup, show  jumping competitions  and so on up until I had my son. 

I  was a top gymnast at school for two yrs  running, and  badminton championship to name a few. I always remember my (strict) games teacher writing in my school report(yes I said writing lol ) Karen is like a lion she goes from strength to strength. Theses few positive words have stuck with me throughout my life ,if you put your mind to it you can achieve your goals ,whenever in your life.

I was a dancer for a French bistro in my 20s some of the cliental was famous sports stars footballers and snooker player amongst others, so before the band /group would start playing  this kept me fit,

We emigrated to Aus 14 yrs ago life got very busy starting a new life and starting over in a new country with my hubby son (and Beema my cat).

Several years ago I had to have 3 major operations. I was sofa ridden for 12 weeks and when I got the the go ahead from the surgeon  I started up Pilates and I have never looked back. I needed  to focus on something in my head a bit of time out .

 At first once a week before I knew it I was hooked I would notice how I felt better physically  and mentally and more focused in my general being.

I lived and breathed Pilates ,I would go rain or shine to class, even after a couple of years into Pilates I broke my thumb and ripped the ligament this still did not stop me

I learnt if I had modifications I could still do what I love and this in turn made me stronger, I was told  no Pilates for 12 weeks and took one week off and that was it I was back in class.

So after several years as a busy mum, family business and wife and keen doggie lover, I decided I wanted to teach Pilates to others so hopefully they can feel younger. Do all the things they did  a year ,5 years , 10 years ago and still be active more flexible and most important keeping mobility now and in the future whilst taking care to do it all in a safe and professional manner,

Pilates has enabled me to be active again and feel like I did when I did all the other things through my life. I love helping others to feel the same way clients, friends and family.

And this is why a wanted to become a fully qualified Pilates instructor,.

It's a pleasure teaching at Core Fusion - the clients are great and always keen to learn new thing whilst  at the same time using all the correct principle and fundamentals enjoy being challenged and working to their full capabilities.

The core fusion team and clients are a pleasure to work with and the team are always professional and attentive and a great bunch of people, love hugs and kisses Karen  xox

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