Mat and Reformer Clinical Pilates Training for

Health Professionals



Two Days Face to Face training for each Discipline.

Clinical Pilates is using our clinical skills and reasoning alongside Pilates based exercises to get excellent results for our clients.


Our clients come in scared, apprehensive and worried that moving will hurt or may make them worse.  

Using clinical Pilates strategically the right way gives them the confidence to move pain free so they become strong and able to move and exercise freely again. 


Learn how in our  Pilates Mat and Reformer foundation  programs, and get your clients not only the results they're after - but back to living life confidently again.


Are you an experienced clinician but new to Pilates?

Are you in allied health?

Are you a new graduate of allied health?

Do you want to start offering Pilates as part of your management plan? 

Have you  never used Pilates before, or do you  own a clinic and want to add Pilates to your offerings/ services. 

Do you want to get a handle on the exercises - how to do them, teach them and use/implement them in the clinical setting?

Want to learn and use Pilates without going through an intensive certification process?


Then these are the programs for you!


Mat Program - Sat 8th/ Sat 15th JANURAY 2022  11:30am - 6pm



Reformer Program - Sun 9th / Sun 16th JANUARY 2022 9:30am - 4pm






Go from winging it and fumbling through to knowing exactly what, when and how to teach Clinical Pilates Exercises.

Nowadays nearly EVERY physio clinic has a Pilates reformer in it - but not all know how to use it properly or how to teach mat Pilates exercises correctly.

Know how to manage your clients with confidence and knowledge and avoid the damaging pitfalls that poorly taught exercise and poor technique and form can cause.


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An Introduction to Mat and Reformer Pilates for Health Professionals


Are you an allied health professional? 

Do you want to learn how to use Pilates within your clinic, but don't want to go through the time and expense of a full certification course?


Are you a Clinic Owner?

Get your staff trained over a weekend with the basic skills they need to start offering this service with no down time to your clinic 


Our introductory program runs over two days and gives you the basic skills and repertoire you need to know to get started with Pilates the right way.

Learn the Pilates Principles, the fundamental exercises you will need to know and  concepts of how and when to use Pilates exercises 

Join us for a two day Mat course and or two day reformer course and excel at your teaching so you know what to do and how to select and teach Pilates exercises.

Using and teaching the Pilates repertoire correctly sets you up to get fantastic results with your clients!

Take a peek at the  Standing Hip Stretch on the Reformer exercise below.

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Mat and/or Reformer Pilates for Clinicians Registrations Open


Mat - New Dates TBC



Reformer - New Dates TBC 


Sign up now! Limited to 8 spots.
saree hewleet at core fusion pilates and physio therapy on a reformer machine doing apilates exercise.

Meet your Instructor - Saree Hewlett

Saree is a APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with over 28 years experience working with people who have injuries or pain and helped them become pain free, strong and able to move again and back to doing what they love.

She started her career in the UK, completed her Masters in Manual Therapy in 2003, and has ran her own Physio and Pilates studio in Perth since 2009.

She has expert skills in building up core strength and getting people moving again even after years of pain and restricted activity.

Her super power is knowing exactly what needs to happen and when to get optimum results and progress, and giving clients 'wins' that they can see and feel so they gain confidence and build on that.

Saree's goal is to help everybody get the best out of their body by understanding what is going on with it and taking the appropriate action required for them.

Saree is Polestar Pilates and Stott Pilates trained and believes that sharing knowledge and using the correct exercises to compliment our clinical reasoning means we get the best results for our clients.

What will attending our programs give you?


You will come out of this program knowing and understanding:


The Pilates principles and how different movement can be achieved using these

How to choose exercises for mobility v stability v strength

Where to start and how to progress your clients

What exercises are best for different scenarios

How to know when to progress and regress exercises

Correct exercise selection choices for each stage of healing

Be confident knowing what you are teaching and why

Be confident in teaching correct form and being able to correct effectively

Know how to get results

Clarity on how and why Pilates works



Which Investment is Best for You?

All programs will run over a weekend - Sat / Sunday  to minimise impact on those who work or run their own clinics. Choose from either Mat or Reformer Pilates - or bundle them together and save.

Januray programs will run on consecutive weekends to allow participants to experience it in the workplace for a week and ask any questions on day two or seek clarification.

Payment options can be arranged on full priced course programs only - just email - [email protected]




Introduction to Mat Pilates for Health Professionals


Mat only

  • Pilates Principles
  • Posture Assessment
  • Pre Pilates Mat Exercises
  • Essential Pilates Repertoire
  • Exercise Selection 
  • Exercise Modifications
  • Programming 
  • Small Props
  • 12 hours Face to Face
  • New Dates TBC
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Introduction to Mat and Reformer Pilates for Health Professionals



  • Attend Both Weekends and Save!
  • 24 hours Face to Face
  • Both weekends



Bundle the programs together and get the benefit of both weekends at a vastly discounted rate.

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Introduction to Reformer Pilates for Health Professionals


Reformer only

  • Pilates Principles
  • Reformer Machines
  • Posture Screening
  • Safety and Maintenance
  • Essential Pilates Repertoire
  • Exercise Selection
  • Exercise Modifications
  • Programming
  • 12 hours Face to Face
  • New Dates TBC
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Feel free to email us direct and ask away! [email protected]