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Are you ready to kick back pain to the curb and get management and support from experts who have a proven track record in getting results when dealing with back pain

Get long term results, learn to self manage and get support from each other as we progress through.

Applications are open for our 12  week programs.

We will start assessment screening for our next intake right now for April's start date.

Limited to 8 so we ensure you get the attention and management you need.

Led by physios with over 20 years experience dealing with clients just like you.

Prefer to chat about what's involved? - fill out the contact form and we'll give you a call and see if we're a good fit.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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We'll ensure you get the right management strategy so you get the results you're after. 

Choose our Clinical Pilates stream if you have had chronic pain for a long time, or pain that alters how you move and function which impacts your life and lifestyle choices directly

Choose our Reformer for Back Pain program for niggly pain, that whilst there does not interfere too much with your daily life and doesn't impede your ability to move or function.

We will work with you one on one if you need some specific hands on and prep work before you attend classes, or transition straight into our structured group reformer classes to strengthen and regain function and movement, or do a bit of both! there is no cookie cutter management - only what is right for you.



lady in green leggings and a colourful top doing a pilates roll down as part of her physio assessment for clinical pilates

Initial Full Assessment

Lets get an accurate baseline of where you are now, what your movement and function are like and where you would like it to be.

lady on colurful leggings and long green socks working on assited push through on the roll down bar of a pilates trapeze table being guided by her physiotherapist through clinical pilates

Hands On/ Clinical Pilates 

We'll work with you individually with either hands on techniques or guided clinical Pilates to get you ready for group classes ( as required/ indicated)

2 men on two pilates reformer machines doing leg work with a jump board for rehabilitation using clinical pilates for back pain

Reformer For Back Pain Classes

Attend our physio led specific Reformer for Back Pain Group Class where you can work to get strong and fit in a class environment .

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Get Started and Save with our Exclusive Rehab/ Physio Package.

Clinical Pilates Package/ Physio Rehab Package
Dealing with chronic pain or a long term injury takes time, that's why we're bundling our services together so you save over $266 on full price services - but also commit to make your progress a reality.
Receive :
  • A full comprehensive assessment ($175) (appt based)
  • 10 follow up sessions (@ $90/ each) (appt based)
  • FREE BONUS - 5 physio class sessions (@ $38/ each) (set class times)
That's total value of $1265 - for just $999.
Commit to your health and save.
Health Rebates still apply on the full consult and follow up physio/ clinical Pilates sessions only.
Claim receipts will be provided once you've accessed those services.


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Two men doing jump an dfootwork pilates exercises on a pilates reformer machine
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Both Programs are ongoing
Intake limited to 8