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Could Your Posture be Better?

posture Apr 27, 2021
poor posture versus good posture - Posture assessments available at core fusion Pilates and physiotherapy

What's your Posture type? Kyphotic, scoliotic, sway back, lordotic....?

What do you think of your posture?
Good, bad, indifferent, no idea?
Most of us don't really look at our own posture much - and most will say they think they could have better posture..
So what is good or bad posture?
It seems the jury is out on that one with 'modern thinking'... that poor posture can't cause pain
However - IMO - there is good and poor or bad posture - and IMO yes it can cause pain - and yes you can 'fix it'!
When we're young - or bear with me as I am older - but when I was young - and we're talking pre tech days - most people did more 'active' things - games, play, etc was more of an 'active affair'
So kids would generally be moving more - they'd play out when they got home, and only really start to become less active as they hit the late teenage years when study took over, or they went to work and became a bit more 'static' in their job.
These days - we have much more tech then ever - with the biggest difference being that kids ( and adult) entertainment has become a lot more tech oriented.
So the population as a whole - is more 'static' then ever.
Think in this scenario - we sit to travel, we sit to learn, we sit to eat, we sit to play.. over time - the body adapts and muscles and soft tissue shortens or tightens - and our posture and how we move also changes.
So as we become more 'chair shaped' we get certain muscles such as the hip flexors and hamstrings getting tighter or shorter, and others getting weaker as we don't use them.
In order to change our posture - if we feel so inclined - we need to be aware of where our posture IS now and where we want it TO BE.
And this is where the disconnect is.
You can't fix and change something 'blind'.
You need to know where your start and end point are - and what the issue is to get there.
Most people will know they would like better posture - but don't know what they need to do to get there.
Most people we see have said they need to stand up straighter and pull their shoulders back - when in actual fact this can make their poor posture even worse!
So whether you think your posture is OK, whether you want it to be better or whether you want to be able to stand up tall for longer than 2 minutes without fatiguing - you need to address the issue with YOUR posture.
There are some different main posture types:
✴️ Forward head posture
✴️ sway back posture
✴️ lordotic posture
✴️ scoliosis posture
✴️ kyphotic posture
✴️ military posture
✴️ a mix of any of the above posture!
Knowing what yours is and then being able to address it needs an expert eye...
We have many that come in thinking they have a lordosis - a fancy name for arched back - when what they really have is a sway back and a hinge at their lower back instead.
Trying to manage a lordotic posture and 'flatten' that curve - just turns them more into a sway posture anyway!
If you need help or want to improve your posture - then give us a call..
Once you know what you are and what the main issues and focus points you should work on - then you're half way there!
Working 'blind' can make your issues worse....
And yes - we are the best and the experts at what we do - after looking at posture and bodies for over 25 years - we know our stuff and how to get you from A to B in the best possible way.
If you want to improve how you sit or stand and move - and want to look taller and come across with some authority and confidence - then posture improvement is key.
So get yourself booked in for a posture screen - it may just change your life!
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